Joey and Rachel should have ended up together and I will never be persuaded otherwise

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Zayn Malik appreciation week - Day 4: Favorite relationship

Zayn and his mother. "My mum always made sure we had everything we needed."


never like a boy you’ll end up either hating them or hating yourself



Anonymous asked: NATHAN!!! i love your show one tree hill. How are you and haley?!! BTW you're SOOO Hot plz respond :)


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Anonymous asked: are you nathan scott from One Tree hill?


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why is fernando torres literally a dick, juan mata gave us such a nice goodbye letter

all we got from him was that fake one the fan account wrote on twitter 

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i fucken love t-swizzle tho

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bought new black jeans finally but they are soo tight

but i know jeans are always tight at first

i can’t decide whether to power through or send them back

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