today has been a good day because i spoke to 3 new people over the phone, which i find scary, and i got 2 job interviews

dreaming of the day i can hand in my notice

now i just need to finish my personal statement

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and to add to the tradgedy i’m now listening to tom odell willingly when did this happen i used to really dislike him he is just tragic oh dear

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went home from work today after 2 hours because i felt really really sick

but it was horrible because i could tell obviously they were annoyed, and i wasn’t sure if they believed me. and i know i had to go home because i was ill but its hard because i always want reassurance from people and i hate thinking people are annoyed

and i don’t know why i even care because i hate that fucking place

i worked 4 days in a row and every time i just come home and cry

"Everyone makes a little bit of fun when I use it after every training; when I go out of the shower with my hair dryer." 

"you’ll always be my favorite what-if."
- six word story (via sebatsianstans)

Joey and Rachel should have ended up together and I will never be persuaded otherwise

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Zayn Malik appreciation week - Day 4: Favorite relationship

Zayn and his mother. "My mum always made sure we had everything we needed."


never like a boy you’ll end up either hating them or hating yourself